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LCL service introduction

Zhanhuawei Qingdao freight forwarding company has a good cooperative relationship with major shipping companies, and has signed preferential agreement prices with major shipping companies by virtue of the company’s export volume strength. At the same time, zhanhuawei Qingdao freight forwarding company is one of the largest LCL companies in Qingdao market. The obvious price advantage, professional service and extensive agency network all over the world have made LCL export a constant brand industry since the establishment of our company.

Zhanhuawei port of destination is distributed to every corner of the world in the most reasonable and fastest way. There are intensive direct flights at the basic ports, and many flights are directly connected to major ports such as Europe, America and the Asia Pacific every week, which are organically combined with logistics, storage and transportation.

At present, zhanhuawei Qingdao freight forwarding company mainly operates the following routes for LCL export: European line, Mediterranean line, North America line, Southeast Asia line, Middle East India Pakistan line, Australia, New Zealand line, South Africa line, Taiwan line, Hong Kong line, South Korea line (transit to central and South America and Japan to Hong Kong) and Japan line.


Service Advantage

United States and Canada / Australia and New Zealand / Japan and South Korea / Middle East / India and Pakistan, etc., direct service

Receiving agent at the port of destination, unpacking / consignment / delivery / assistance in customs clearance and other services

The only cargo early warning system in China, United shipping company ensures the safety of cargo

The price is clear and the quotation is rapid

800 square meters warehouse in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, providing warehousing / stacking and other services

Tianjin / Qingdao / Shanghai / Ningbo / Shenzhen and other ports can receive goods