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FBA Logistics Services

Whole cabinet:

The whole port can be shipped

The main markets are the United States, Canada, some European countries (VAT is required) and some Southeast Asian countries


Qingdao receiving

The main markets are the United States and Canada, and the longest side of a single piece is no more than 2.3m


Receiving goods in Yiwu, Shanghai and Ningbo; Main market: USA

Weight and size requirements: the minimum charge is 12kg / box.

Material calculation:

Length * width * height cm / 6000; 10kg < single piece real weight < 22.5kg;

0cm < sum of two short sides * 2 + longest side < 260cm

Service Advantage

One stop service

One stop full service and transparent price composition

Real time tracking

Real time tracking of the whole transportation process

Prescription guarantee

Low inspection rate and guaranteed timeliness