Personal Effects Transportation

Moving is a labor-intensive and heart work, especially the international move.When your furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, and your favorite daily goods need to transport abroad, always feel helpless, I don’t know how to organize and packing, shipping out more will become a headache problem.So before moving to private goods transportation, find the one who has a rich experience in airfreight forwarding international shipping forwarder company, can save cost for you, and don’t have to waste too much time and energy to organize, packing the goods.Our company is the approval of the national level of Qingdao forwarder company, relying on its own in international shipping airfreight forwarding business advantages, to develop international import and export of private belongings as a tailored professional service for the customer, according to the characteristics of the personal items, to provide you with professional advice and Suggestions, tailored best suited to your personal belongings in the transport and packaging solutions.Considering your luggage and special need long-distance transportation, in order to guarantee that you will not damage to the goods, Warwick international freight forwarders special designed for this special packaging materials, by experienced packaging and handling personnel to serve you.You just need to make a phone call, all other we have completed.Imports:

※ Shows huawei Qingdao international freight forwarders to master into dynamic ship to Qingdao port, understand the import goods, according to the customer to handle all import cargo transport agency business, according to the customer, all the formalities after the arrival of the goods for import.

※ Does booking shipping space.Does an international freight forwarder “a pass three check” imported goods (customs declaration, commodity inspection, all relatived inspections, animal and plant quarantine inspection service)

※ Does domestic air, sea and land transport.

※ split open a case after arrival of container transport business.Does undertake foreign in Qingdao office, the international exhibition of non-traded goods, transport and transit transport of goods.