Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd. department special containers transport mainly includes: framework box, flat rack and open top tank, tank, etc., exhibition of Warwick in oil drilling, engineering machinery, machine tool, boiler and large equipment has many years of operating experience, and other products transportation is a special case of transportation and packing operation, binding, reinforcement, safety inspection and expert with tarpaulins, etc.Warwick, Qingdao international logistics companies in the export of the port of destination and port of shipment shall provide professional service, to ensure security of goods transportation safety, transferring and prevent objects and corrosion during transit and polluted.At the same time, the exhibition of Warwick also provides special box big cargo devanning, from door to door service, and transfer of bulk cargo handling and in place of, the technical content of the special service.
Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd.has spread all over the service of the global agency network, and says there, CMA, K – LINE, MAERSK, APL, T.S. LINE, HMM, WHL, MSC, YML, EMC shipping company for many years at home and abroad to cooperate and establish a good relationship.