International Air Freight

International Air freight transportation is also known as empty bridge (Air – bridge Service).In the mode of transport organization, empty bridge transportation and land bridge transport, land bridge transport in the process of the whole cargo using the same container, need not change, transport of the goods and empty bridge is usually in the airport in aviation container.
This is mainly on sea transport organization form, is the final delivery of the goods transportation section by air.At present, Qingdao forwarder company sea-air freight line mainly include:
(1) the far east Europe: routes between the far east and Europe are in vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles transit facilities, also has in Hong Kong, Bangkok, sea cucumber transit facilities.And in San Francisco, Singapore transit facilities.
(2) the far east South America: in recent years, the rapid development of the far east to central and South America sea-air freight, because the ports and inland transport is not stable, so it is a big demand for naval and air transport.The transport line in Miami, Los Angeles, vancouver transit facilities.
(3) the far east one China in the near east, Africa, Australia, this is Hong Kong, Bangkok transit facilities to transport service in the near east, and Africa.Under special circumstances, and via marseille to Africa, via Bangkok to India, via Hong Kong to Australia, such as transport line, but the line freight volume is small.