Internal Trading Container Transportation

Ministry of domestic trade exhibition of Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd.  is engaged in domestic trade shipping container business for a long time, agent distribution of long-term friendship and cooperation of domestic coastal ports.Qingdao forwarder company exhibition of Warwick with good reputation, friendly cooperation with major shipping companies.To the guangzhou huangpu, shenzhen shekou, fujian quanzhou port, and in ningbo, wenzhou, xiamen, zhangzhou, shantou, zhanjiang, fangcheng, qinzhou, haikou and other branch line.Domestic container business is subject to approval by the ministry of communications under the state council an emerging domestic coastal shipping business, car, train transportation is obviously better than on the price, and more convenient, safe, can have no damage, is not available.Qingdao forwarder company shows huawei is the ministry of domestic trade to provide “door to door” service, that is, from the supplier designated site to the consignee specified area of the entire transport.This kind of service which can reduce your transportation costs, and leave out the trouble of supply and demand delivery, pick up the goods.