Consolidation Service

Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd.and major shipping companies have good relations of cooperation, and depending on the company’s export cargo capability and the price of shipping companies signed preferential agreement.At the same time, the exhibition of Warwick Qingdao forwarder company is one of the largest LCL companies in Qingdao market.Obvious price advantage, professional services, as well as worldwide extensive agent network, make export since the LCL since the founding of our company constant brand industry.

Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd. the port of destination with the most reasonable distribution, the fastest way to every corner of the world.The base port straight spell points flights, each week all have more than one flight straight spell to Europe, America, Asia Pacific and so on various major ports, and organic combination of storage and transportation and logistics.At present, the exhibition of Warwick Qingdao export LCL forwarder company mainly operating routes are as follows: lines to Europe, the Mediterranean, North America, southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan routes, route of South Africa, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand route line, the lines to Hong Kong, South Korea (partial port) transfer from central and South America and Japan and the Japanese line.