Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., Ltd.can undertake 2 to 9 kind of dangerous goods transport, with many years experience in chemicals, dangerous goods transport.We have a complete set of dangerous goods transportation, loading and unloading, storage, reporting system, the goods since booking have assign special personnel to take charge of the complete process, the goods from the goods leave the factory to get into the boat and go on until the port, completely solve your worries.

Qingdao Zhv International Logistics Co., a road transport of dangerous goods exclusive convoys and large storage and transportation of dangerous goods warehouse, which can realize low long-term storage of dangerous goods safety.Professional dangerous goods loading and declare, can provide fast and convenient for examination and approval of maritime declaration of dangerous goods business, and is equipped with first-class handling team, can provide cash membrane, loading, fumigation, packing, labeling of dangerous goods are posted, the member using the on-site supervision of loading pictures and other services.Warwick, Qingdao international transport of dangerous goods logistics company operator business skilled, familiar with most of the hazardous chemicals, the nature of the product, understand the carriage requirements of the shipping company, can apply for shipping space fast, and able to each process in the process of transportation professional opinions to ensure transportation safety and correct.