DG Transportation

Qingdao zhanhuawei International Physics Co., Ltd. can undertake the transportation of dangerous goods of categories 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, and has many years of experience in the transportation of chemicals and dangerous goods. We have a complete set of dangerous goods transportation, loading and unloading, storage and declaration system. Since the cargo cabin is customized, a specially assigned person will be responsible for the whole process of the cargo, which will completely solve your worries from the delivery of the cargo to the ship and arrival at the port.

We are a first-class international freight forwarding company, with an exclusive fleet for land transportation of dangerous goods and a large dangerous goods storage and transportation warehouse, which can realize low-cost and safe long-term storage of dangerous goods. Professional dangerous goods loading supervisors and declarants can provide fast and convenient maritime declaration and approval business of dangerous goods, and are equipped with a first-class loading and unloading team. They can provide services such as wrapping, supporting, fumigation, packing reinforcement, posting of dangerous goods signs, on-site loading supervision and photographing of packers. The operators of zhanhuawei dangerous goods transportation are skilled in business, familiar with the product properties of most chemicals and dangerous goods, understand the transportation requirements of various shipping companies, can quickly apply for shipping space, and can put forward professional opinions on various processes in the transportation process to ensure the safety of transportation.


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